It all started with a love of creation

How it all began

We actually met by chance. At one time, I was actively engaged in the production of bracelets and as part of the promotion I approached Hanka, she brought me a beautiful poster for the bracelets. I still have it behind a frame on my desk, it says: Be nice, be funny, be YOURSELF, isn't that divine?
Subsequently, she shared a post, how she "beautifully writes" the individual names of the minerals from which I made her bracelets. I was completely charmed by it. Since then, I've been following Hanka on Instagram and devouring her calligraphy posts.

I wish for her Easter egg.. Even that year, Jesus (my brother) brought it to me, and Hanka and I find out that they are colleagues at work. The world is so small...

I'm starting to work at Hanka

I am writing to Hans that if she is ever looking for an assistant, I will contact her immediately. Yes, that's how it really was :-)
Some time after that, Hanka really puts out a tender and I apply. I'm going to a meeting and I'm nervous before and after it. A few days after the selection, he chooses me. I am so happy!!!
We've been in it together ever since. After the very beginnings, we add new products together and work on more.

Next course

Hanka publishes her first book about Krasopsání on her own, and the e-shop continues to grow. Even though we live far away from each other - me on the border of central and northern Bohemia and Hank in Germany, it doesn't stop us from doing anything. Hanka organizes Krasopsaní courses, the e-shop continues to thrive and we are always inventing something new.

I gradually took on more responsibilities until it grew into the management of an e-shop with everything.

Big change and the present

Sometimes at the turn of spring and summer this year, it's time for a turning point, simply a change. We will agree with Hanka on the transition to the new platform and at the same time on my taking over the Krasopiska brand.

I've been sitting at the computer since May, trying to learn how to build an e-shop from scratch. At the beginning, I just sit, look at the monitor, I don't know anything and I don't understand anything. I'm really frustrated. But I've already made up my mind, so I'm not going to give up, am I?

So I'm still sitting at the computer and I don't know anymore, but it's a little better, I'm starting to understand the principles and I'm slowly getting into it.

I already know a little more and am starting to work on it intensively.

What you are reading now, I am writing just before the launch of the e-shop.

I'm nervous, I'm scared. I simply hope that I don't disappoint any of you and that I manage to maintain the standard that Hanka has set.

With love,

Eliška ❤️

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