A glass of gratitude

Write down everything you are grateful for.

Every day or once a week, it's up to you. It is better to remember all that we have than to complain about what we lack.

Gratitude brings a positive attitude to life! At the end of the year, or when you have a weak moment, you can read everything again.

If you don't know how to start, try to think:

Who am I thankful for? (partner who cooks for me, parents who are healthy, friends, etc.)

What am I thankful for? (possibility of drinking water, home, democracy, etc.)

What you will need:

A glass (e.g. a canning glass or an empty candle glass)

Paper or self-adhesive film/labels for sticker printing

Small squares of paper to write on

And something to write the message with beautifully.

How to do it?

Print the label on paper or self-adhesive film and stick it on the mason jar or your glass.

And don't forget to write in cursive when writing! :))

Sticker for your Glass of Gratitude

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