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Welcome to our collection of handmade Aurora watercolor paints

These watercolor paints are handmade from metallic, neon and other pigments. They were named Aurora , like the aurora borealis, which plays with all colors. All colors can be painted with a brush or written with a pen.
Note : When writing with a pen, we do not recommend writing with colors from the "Glitter" series;

Even individual colors were named after planets and stars in 2020 and 2021, because everything revolves around the sky :-) They are currently available in 56 shades and limited sets.
Neonka's vibrant pigments add vibrancy and intensity to your artwork, ensuring your creations stand out.
Explore the magic of our Chameleon watercolor range. These shades have a unique ability to change with the angle of the light.
The sophistication of our metallic watercolors add depth and dimension to your artwork.
All the bases for the sets are hand-painted, so each piece is truly original.
Each color contains exclusive pigments and is handcrafted with care.
Discover the world of creativity with our collections of watercolor paints and sets . From neon or metallic to limited sets. Elevate your artwork with the quality and beauty of handmade watercolor paints.

Aurora Sets

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