Kategorie: Sealing

Welcome to the world of sealing

Bring your correspondence and projects to life with our collection. In this section you will find:

  • stamped with our original designs
  • custom seals
  • wax pellets and sticks
  • wax melting spoons.
  • ready-made seals
  • gilding supplies
  • handmade envelopes, custom blank cards
  • lacquer markers

Sealers with our original design:

In the range of stamps you will find wedding themes, flower love themes, holiday themes and many more – our range covers every occasion. Each stamp is carefully crafted to bring a touch of timelessness to your creation.

Tailor-made sealing tools

Accentuate your style with a custom seal. We offer the possibility of drawing your own motif, transferring your design into curves or making a custom-made seal with your own logo.

Wax pellets and sticks for the melt gun

Sealing waxes are available in a wide range of colors (wax sticks and pellets) and pre-mixed color combinations (pellets) to complement your theme. Our wax is designed to be easy to use, ensuring clean and professional seals every time.

Spoons for melting wax

They facilitate wax melting in a hassle-free way. Available in different shades.

Finished seals

For those looking for comfort without compromising on style, our ready-made seals are the ideal solution. Exclusive seal designs add a touch of sophistication to your correspondence with minimal effort.


Take your crafting to the next level with our gilding supplies. With metallic sheets, you can not only elevate your finished seals, but with the help of special adhesives in marker in different widths, you can create unique works of art.

Handmade envelopes and blank cards to make your own greeting cards

Choose from a variety of shades, weights and textures. Complement your seals with our luxury envelopes and cards, designed to enhance the overall presentation of your correspondence.

Varnish markers

Use the marker to highlight the motif or the edge of the sealer. Just apply to the finished seal.

while the spoons facilitate melting the wax in a seamless and controlled manner. Immerse yourself in the art of wax sealing stamps, where each product is a brushstroke of creativity waiting to enhance your projects. Inspire your creativity and leave an unforgettable impression with our exceptional collection.