Frequently Asked Questions

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When do you ship the purchased goods?

I usually ship within 2-3 days. If you have further questions about orders, please write to me at

Can I collect the goods in person somewhere?

Yes, personal delivery is possible both at the address of the headquarters and in the surroundings of Mnichov Hradiště, Mladá Boleslav or Liberec. It depends on the individual agreement.

How does the online calligraphy course work?

The camera captures my hands, so you can see how I write. At the same time, I can give you feedback because I can see how you write thanks to your webcam.
We will learn modern calligraphy, or Krasopsani, with special markers - brush pens, you will learn the tricks and magic of correct calligraphy and other special techniques.
We will work with KrasoPísanka for beginners, which we will send to your home with is brush peny.

What courses do you offer?

Most often, I organize calligraphy courses for beginners with a brushpen or a pen. It is also possible to arrange a course in watercolor painting, stamping, hot embossing or perhaps linocut.

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Can I learn calligraphy even if I scratch?

Yes, everyone can learn it. Even those who scratch like cats! All you need is training and determination :-)

I have no artistic talent, is the calligraphy course for me?

Humans are naturally creative, even if they don't think so. It's all about practice and training.

You don't have to be artistically gifted to do it. You just need to know how to do it, and you will learn that on my course.

The courses are suitable for both women and men, as well as children from 7 years old.

I want to learn calligraphy. What should I get first?

To begin with, I recommend one of these options:
1. Online course Krasopsani brush foam for beginners
Advantage – the fastest learning process
2. Calligraphy for beginners
Advantage – you learn at your own pace
3. Gift set for calligraphy
Advantage – A cost-effective set with everything to start with

Why should I take a course with Hanka?

Hanka is not just a person who can write beautifully. He has 8 years of experience with students, so he already knows exactly what problems you will encounter at the beginning. She knows what it's like to learn from scratch because she's been through it herself. Her experience will make your learning faster as she tells you everything she has learned over the years.