Do you want to be able to write beautifully? Create your own greeting cards? Write beautiful name tags for gifts or photo albums? Faux calligraphy is an amazing tool to learn how to write beautifully, right now. The instructor of the course is the experienced Hana Baštinská, who will guide you through the secrets of fake calligraphy and help you gain a new perspective on writing. Whether you are a beginner or have already completed a course, you will definitely take something useful away from the course.

Krasopiska Hanka will guide you through the course without unnecessary theory and complex concepts, she will introduce you to calligraphy as if you were sitting together in a cafe.

Watch three FREE lessons
    • what types of calligraphy are there
    • what is the difference between traditional and modern calligraphy
    • what is the difference between calligraphy and calligraphy
    • what stationery we use for calligraphy
    • what are the rules of fake calligraphy
    • how to basic moves
    • how to write the upper and lower case alphabet
    • how to write numbers and characters
    • how to connect letters
    • how to make the font jump
    • what are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • how about letter alternatives
    • how to decorate the font
    • how to create simple flourishes
    • how about a balanced composition
    • how to make a greeting card
    • BONUS additional wand alphabet

"I created a fake calligraphy course for the creative website Kurzy pro radost. On this portal you will find a lot of courses in which experienced lecturers and experts in the field will teach you everything from playing the piano to drawing.

Now you have the opportunity to try calligraphy online. Play the course in the comfort of your home, anytime for an unlimited time."

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